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Our Services

ECOLO-GIS Project Experience in Three Main Sectors


Analysis of spatial, ecological, socio-economic and institutional data to ensure sustainable and efficient use of resources

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Wildlife & Ecosystem Management

Provide managers and stakeholders with data and science-driven recommendations regarding conservation and management

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Collect and analyze data using remote sensing, information from the site and from stakeholders to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture projects

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Our Advantages

Ecolo-GIS incorporates state-of-the-art and proprietary technologies for timely geo-spatial data collection. Maps are appropriate and identify cover change within a time period that is relevant for decision making. This allows for timely resource monitoring, conservation, and emergency response management. Even large-scale forest surveys can be updated periodically for management purposes.  Remote sensing experts also have many years of experience in ecology and agricultural systems, with a profound understanding of the effects on vegetation and wildlife.


Monitoring Large Areas

Large areas can be monitored using our remote sensing package. Satellite imagery and/or aerial mapping systems (H/W & S/W) are integrated with sector specific expertise to provide cover change maps for management recommendations. Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) surveys and change detection are provided for natural forest, wood plantations, reserves, parks, and agricultural areas. Ecolo-GIS management packages includes image acquisition, classification, detection of anomalies, and ecosystem analysis. The package is available as modular or as a comprehensive solution.

Information Gathering for Tailored Needs

Information gathered from a site’s ecosystem is used to develop mission specific indices. The indices classify points of interest for analyzing spatial data and creating an ecosystem GIS. Classification indices are then combined with supervised classification, segmentation, and feature extraction. The final classification maps provide information for ecosystem monitoring, including identification of tree species and cover types. The indices run fully automated, reducing the time required for analysis. This enables Ecolo-GIS to provide timely information for large areas.

Spatial Analyses

Spatial analyses use image classification combined with experience in ecosystem management. True high-resolution color, infrared and thermal orthophotos are used together with DSM models to depict forest resources and wildlife habitats. Generated maps include tree and vegetative species coverage; vegetation physiology maps (water content, chlorophyll load, etc.); topographic modeling and 3D forest structure. Our services include providing economic studies to ascertain project feasibility.

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